Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Lady

I watched my 15 year old bulldog Clementine take her last breath. It was so much nicer than the thought of taking her to the vet or human society and having her put down. It was like she knew I couldn't do it. I have owned her for 9 years, a gift from her previous owner. Clementine killed all the previous owners chickens and once she got the taste for blood she couldn't stop. She didn't kill any chickens once she moved here but no lizards was safe. She would destroy railroad ties that the lizards hid under , just so she could have a taste. Her passing is the culmination of a bitter sweet year marked with divorce,bankruptcy,tumor surgery, death and possible disability. For me this marked a time to move on.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Satisfaction Guaranteed

      I am restless, never content with my product.A client may be in awe of what has been done and that is the objective. I am never happy with my work, only happier at times. Taking a month off from tattooing has made me realize I thoroughly enjoy the process. Tattoo artists who are completely happy with their work stagnate and risk the chance of having a major mistake. Collectors run the same risk. 
     There is no great joy for me than having a client request something special. A tribute, a memorial or a record of a special time or place.Ever tattoo is special, some are just more so. Picking the brain of the client to achieve exactly what they want is tedious and should be such. I want to get inside their feelings. I want to research all the options. I may never be happy with what is designed and may cause the appointment to be postponed and the anticipation cooled off. You can't keep them waiting to long or they may go to someone else. This is the chance you take!
At the end of the day I want a piece the client will be happy with for the rest of their lives. It may not be the trendiest or most popular but will stand the test of time when they look back on it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The healing power of Vodka

Really haven't gone out and socialized much in the last month. Netflix, bed and a bad back . An awesome, courageous and stubborn girlfriend has helped. So yesterday said fuck it and went to the bar. Sometimes social activities exhausts me, I pick up on others energy to much but yesterday was nice. Saw some of my best buddies. Amazing who shows up out of nowhere.So therapeutic! I woke up at 3 a.m. feeling almost a hundred percent, no aches no pains. Was it the Vodka? Was it the friends? What does this have to do with art? Memories are recorded and influence how we feel. I love to paint from memory or at least what is perceived as such. The perception is more feeling that accurate portrayal and when put on paper or canvas, for me, contains more feeling and mood than painting from a photo of that time. Realistic? In the sense of feeling but not in the accuracy of the image. Realism seems barren and cold sometimes. Extracting realism from memory is laborious. It isn't Impressionism unless i paint on site.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pistol or Paintbrush

4:28 a.m. and I am starting a Blog page. I usually start a painting at this hour , not today. Back pain as the result of old injures has hampered my tattoo career. I have returned to oil painting after 28 years. Why 28 years? Well I learned to oil paint in 1982 visiting my aunt in Arizona and really haven't used the media since. Acrylic is cheaper and easier for kids to waste and it dries a hell of a lot quicker. Of course can't forget Miranda , the love of my Life, who supports my art.

Pistol or Paintbrush?
Well for those of you who don't know most artists are on the edge. Not someone who is artistic , but an artist. Is it because of a chemical imbalance or missing synapses or just being self absorbed? who knows. Pistol or Paintbrush is a saying I coined because I'm so smart that explains my thoughts. Would I shoot someone? No! Have I thought about shooting myself? Yes! Would I? No! It is just the choices, day after day, to struggle living as an artist. The saying also gives an idea of my opinion of the world, how juxtaposition plays a huge role. Two polar opposites. Sometimes life, as in art, is not pretty. Some days you want to pick up the gun. Today, I'll make art!!!

So why a Blog?
So I can speak my mind and sell art!  Maybe help others somehow