Friday, August 6, 2010

The healing power of Vodka

Really haven't gone out and socialized much in the last month. Netflix, bed and a bad back . An awesome, courageous and stubborn girlfriend has helped. So yesterday said fuck it and went to the bar. Sometimes social activities exhausts me, I pick up on others energy to much but yesterday was nice. Saw some of my best buddies. Amazing who shows up out of nowhere.So therapeutic! I woke up at 3 a.m. feeling almost a hundred percent, no aches no pains. Was it the Vodka? Was it the friends? What does this have to do with art? Memories are recorded and influence how we feel. I love to paint from memory or at least what is perceived as such. The perception is more feeling that accurate portrayal and when put on paper or canvas, for me, contains more feeling and mood than painting from a photo of that time. Realistic? In the sense of feeling but not in the accuracy of the image. Realism seems barren and cold sometimes. Extracting realism from memory is laborious. It isn't Impressionism unless i paint on site.

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