Saturday, August 14, 2010

Satisfaction Guaranteed

      I am restless, never content with my product.A client may be in awe of what has been done and that is the objective. I am never happy with my work, only happier at times. Taking a month off from tattooing has made me realize I thoroughly enjoy the process. Tattoo artists who are completely happy with their work stagnate and risk the chance of having a major mistake. Collectors run the same risk. 
     There is no great joy for me than having a client request something special. A tribute, a memorial or a record of a special time or place.Ever tattoo is special, some are just more so. Picking the brain of the client to achieve exactly what they want is tedious and should be such. I want to get inside their feelings. I want to research all the options. I may never be happy with what is designed and may cause the appointment to be postponed and the anticipation cooled off. You can't keep them waiting to long or they may go to someone else. This is the chance you take!
At the end of the day I want a piece the client will be happy with for the rest of their lives. It may not be the trendiest or most popular but will stand the test of time when they look back on it.

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